The iPod craze has gone too far…

A brief change in topics from my usual rants about SOA. Those of you who have met me know I’m an Apple fan. The first computer I ever bought with my own money was an Apple //c, and I’ve been an Apple owner ever since. I’ve never had the latest and greatest Mac, however, I was an owner of a first generation iPod. Along the way, I upgraded to a third generation, added a shuffle, and recently went up to a black video iPod.

Anyway, as we all know, there’s no shortage of accessories for the iPod, including speakers, cases, voice recorders, bluetooth adapters and headphones, and FM transmitters. I’ve got my fair share of these. But, as I glanced through September issue of MacAddict Magazine, I’ve determined that the craze has gone too far. Yes, some people may have thought we’d reach that point when entire vehicles were being sold as accessories for the iPod. I was okay with that though, since people do listen to a lot of music in their cars. So what iPod accessory could it be that has made me say things have gone too far? It is the iCarta: Stereo dock for iPod with Bath Tissue Holder.

Buy yours now, $149.95 at Atech Flash Technology. Of course, a friend told me about a scene on the show Eureka where a character walks into a room that is supposed to be a bathroom but is empty. Then, the toilet, tub, etc. all slide out from panels in the room, including a screen over the toilet that can display any newspaper in the world. The character remarks that he’ll never have to come out again. I guess if he had an iCarta and a healthy supply of podcasts from IT Conversations, he may not have to come out…

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