Something I’ve blogged about in the past is vertical SOAs, even wondering the role they’ll have in the consulting world. Today, I listened to a podcast from Dana Gardner on IT Shared Services with two reps from HP. I’ve only learned a little bit about ITIL, but this podcast has me wondering whether ITIL is the vertical SOA for running IT. So, two questions out there for my friends in the blogosphere, especially other enterprise architects that have an interest in management technologies and SOA for IT.

  1. Are you adopting ITIL in your organization?
  2. If so, have you been able to use the ITIL processes to apply SOA to the business of IT?

I plan on getting up to speed on ITIL and seeing if it makes a suitable example for showing a real-world example of how to go from documented business process to SOA. I’ve always felt that SOA for IT would be a great place for an organization to start. After all, we IT professionals should understand the business of IT. Unfortunately, excellent support for management of systems is not something the vendors get around to providing until version 10. I challenge the vendors listening to come to the market on day one with secured Web Services for management functions, allowing the IT organization to utilize business process and workflow technology to increase the efficiency of the IT organization.

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