Back in the High Life

Okay, well maybe not the “High Life”, but I’ve had that Steve Winwood song in my head. On Monday, I am returning back to corporate life after nearly a year with MomentumSI. In a nutshell, a year as a consultant has shown me that the corporate world is where I am most comfortable, and best suited for my career goals. MomentumSI treated me very well, and I’m very impressed with their team and their offerings. I learned a lot from the excellent team that they have, and do plan on keeping in touch with them, offering insight from the corporate practitioner’s perspective as they continue their success. I certainly thank Jeff, Alex, Tom, and the rest of the MomentumSI team for the opportunity.

I’m not going to reveal where I’m going, other than to say that it’s a Fortune 500 company in the St. Louis Metro area where I reside, and I’m not returning to A.G. Edwards/Wachovia (AGE isn’t a Fortune 500 company, anyway). I’ll be an enterprise architect, involved with SOA, and other cool architecture topics. While I’m sure people will figure out where I’m working, this blog represents my own personal thoughts and opinions, and not that of my employer or anyone else (and there’s a disclaimer on the right hand side of the blog that states exactly that). I’m very happy that I’m going somewhere that doesn’t mind that I’m a blogger, and I fully intend on adhering to their policies regarding it. So, it’s back to the world of big IT and corporate politics for me, and I’m looking forward to it. While my colleague James McGovern has lamented about the lack of corporate EA bloggers in the past, he can add me back to the list!

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