The pains of being an early adopter

Steve Jobs and Apple cut the price of the 8GB iPhone to $399 from the $599 that I paid for it. This is a very unusual move by Apple, as they traditionally have not changed their price points, but instead, offered more limited capabilities at a lower price point. I think it is a smart move, however, as it puts the price point at a much a closer level to phones that are considered its competitor. Unfortunately, I bought my iPhone on day 1, but I’m not going to complain. Sure, I’d love to have that $200 back, but the ultimate question we all must ask is whether or not the money spent has been worth it. For me, it’s a resounding yes.

As for other announcements, the key question is whether people will choose to keep their old cellphone and get the iPod touch. Personally, if I were buying an iPod, I’d certainly go for the iPod touch, regardless of whether or not I wanted the Wi-Fi web browsing. The quality of the video is a no-brainer and at least for my use, 16GB would be fine. On the topic of Wi-Fi, however, I have to admit that the only time I use Wi-Fi on my phone is at home, and on the rare occurrence that I’m in a restaurant with free Wi-Fi. Probably 95% of my usage is over the EDGE network, so the Wi-Fi capabilities isn’t as important to me. But, given that there’s probably a large contingent of iPod owners in the 17-24 range that are leveraging the Wi-Fi capabilities of their university or college, I’m sure this will be a big win.

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