Fund raising…

Another detour from the usual SOA routine for a plug for my eldest daughter’s school, Immaculate Conception. Like many schools, hers is selling Entertainment Books to raise funds. If you don’t know what an Entertainment Book is, it’s a big book of coupons for local restaurants and attractions. Usually, if you keep the book in your car and remember to check for a coupon, you’ll quickly recoup the cost.

Anyway, Their goal for this year is to sell 1500 books, which would net about $16,500 for the school. While I am going to take her around the neighborhood so she can do more of the selling, I’m also doing my part. After all, has set it up so that purchases made through their web site can be credited to individual sellers. That’s a step in the right direction, and if they’re going to make it available, I’ll take advantage of it. To purchase a book for your area, follow this link. Enter your billing and shipping info, and I, my daughter Elena, and Immaculate Conception School, thank you. For those of you that were looking for something SOA related, thanks for you patience! Perhaps can adopt SOA and allow fund raisers to better integrate their efforts!

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