SOA Governance Book Review

Fellow Twitterer Leo de Sousa posted a review of my book, SOA Governance, on his blog. Leo is an Enterprise Architect at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and is leveraging the book on their journey in adopting SOA. Thanks for the review, Leo. I’m glad you posted it before the Stanley Cup playoffs begin as my St. Louis Blues will be taking on your Vancouver Canucks, and I wouldn’t have wanted the upcoming Blues victory to taint your review!

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  • Todd,

    You’re welcome. I really appreciate the insight your book provided me.

    Now to address the looming playoff match.

    1) You need to enter my playoff pool – will send you the link
    2) We need to decide on a side bet … I pick the Canucks and if I am wrong, I will change my blog to show the Blues logo and if I am right, you will fly the Canucks logo proudly on your blog.

    Let me know, Leo

    ps Great book!

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