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My book, SOA Governance, has received some great reviews and I thought I would share them here for my readers that may still be considering a purchase for themselves or as a gift to their favorite enterprise IT worker. It is completely vendor-neutral, so all you vendors of SOA Governance tools can consider sending it as a gift to your customers or prospects. 🙂

Brenda Michelson, Principal of Elemental Links and Program Director for the SOA Consortium wrote, “The reference chapter is worth the price of the book. Even if management fables aren’t your thing, you’ll find Chapter 8, Establishing SOA Governance at Your Organization, to be an indispensable reference. … The advice on governance — policy establishment, communication, enforcement, measurement and feedback — is pragmatic, not autocratic.”

Richard Watson, analyst with Burton Group, said “Todd is spot on in focusing on the team interactions in (fictional enterprise) Advasco’s SOA Centre of Excellence.”

David Linthicum, SOA blogger and Podcast host for InfoWorld, says “Todd’s ability to drive through the hype, and the noise, and get to the essence of the topic is the value of this book. His pragmatic approach to SOA governance defines both the value of the concept, and the approaches required to get SOA governance working within your enterprise. In short, he nailed it.”

David Bressler of Progress Software wrote, “He tells a story, which in addition to being easy to read, importantly makes it easy to remember. And, his story focuses on what’s really important – the results. And he does this from the perspective of an IT organization.”

Mike Kavis, CTO at a tech startup, past Chief Architect at a typical enterprise, and frequent EA/SOA blogger, wrote, “This is one of the few books that actually shows us what success looks like. This is why the book is so good. Many books talk about processes, structure, and controls but fail to provide us with a glimpse into what the fruits of that labor looks like. Todd takes us from project inception, to successes, to set backs, to mitigation strategies, and ultimately to enterprise wide success.”

Robert McIlree, EA and Project Management consultant wrote, “This book is a must-have for all IT managers, architects, PMs and business analysts dealing with SOA issues, be they implementation, governance, or both. I also highly recommend this book for those who are starting or facing IT governance issues in general, even if they aren’t contemplating or building-out an SOA at present – the governance principles, techniques, and advice Todd gives apply to much more than SOA.

Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director for Macehiter Ward-Dutton, wrote, “SOA Governance is a very good book indeed, in that it does something that so many technology and business management books fail to do: it breaks a complex and hype-laden subject down into very manageable chunks, and walks through the topic clearly and at a steady pace – but it still manages to move quickly enough to prevent the reader getting bored.

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