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A couple of items that I thought I’d call attention to:

  1. I wrote an article for the latest issue of Architecture and Governance magazine titled, “Does SOA Really Matter?” My opinion, not surprisingly, is yes. This article requires registration to read.
  2. Jordan Haberfield, Senior VP of IT Client Services for System One Holdings, interviewed me for his Agile Elephant blog regarding my book on SOA Governance.
  3. Thank you to the people who purchased the book from Amazon today and allowed me to watch my Amazon sales rank go up from somewhere in the 200,000’s to 32,042. While my target audience is a bit more narrow than that of Brisngr, it would be really cool to see the sales rank make it to the four figure barrier.
  4. Speaking of Amazon, consider adding to your order the latest book from Patrick Lencioni, “The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family.” While this book has nothing to do with IT, Patrick’s leadership fables gave me the inspiration for the style of my book. I can only aspire to become as good an author as he is. I heard him speak at a Gartner summit, and he’s an excellent speaker on top of it.

Keep an eye out for an interview with Loraine Lawson of IT Business Edge. I also plan on doing a few podcasts in the near future to talk about the book, as well. I’ll post information about them here as they come online. Thanks for being a reader of the blog, and please let me know your comments and questions about the book at soagovbook at biske dot com.

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