SOA Consortium Soapbox Derby

Just a note of thanks for Brenda Michelson and the SOA Consortium for a great meeting and the opportunity to participate in the Soapbox Derby. It was a bit like an un-conference in that the participants were free to talk about anything SOA-related for 15 minutes, followed up by 15 minutes of group conversation. I’m pretty sure that these will likely be posted as a podcast, but I hope they decide to repeat this effort at another meeting. We had some great conversations around governance, actual project experiences, organizational change management, SOA and model-driven architecture, EDA, and more. I think it could easily be a great draw again at a future meeting. A great part of organizations like the SOA Consortium is the opportunity to share experiences with fellow practitioners, and I thought the Soapbox Derby was a great way of doing it. I encourage my fellow practitioners to keep an eye out for the next time they do this and take the time to share for a few minutes.

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