SOA Consortium Meeting

I will be attending the SOA Consortium meeting next week in Orlando. As Brenda announced on the SOA-C blog, I’ve agreed to be a soapbox derby participant.

I haven’t yet decided which soap box I want to climb on. There’s the obvious and likely SOA Governance topic, given my new book, but I’ll have to find the angle that can stimulate discussion. I could talk about how just because the media has shifted discussions toward WOA and other shiny new things, doesn’t mean that SOA should be put out to pasture. It’s safe to say that I will be talking. In my role as an enterprise architect, I understand that it is my job to have an opinion and provide direction. There’s nothing that drives me nuts more than a meeting where everyone knows something needs to be done, they may even agree on what needs to be done, but no one wants to step up and do it. There’s a soap box for you right there!

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to attending one of the face to face meetings for the first time. I’m especially looking forward to the keynote from Jeanne Ross on SOA adoption and value. If you’re going to be at the meeting, please at least stop by and introduce yourself.

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  • Rob Eamon:

    Possibly too late, but here are a couple of soap box topics:

    * Is “SOA Governance” the right thing to focus on? Or should it be the more general “architectural governance” or even “governance.” After all, you call yourself an “enterprise architect” not an “SO architect” right? 🙂

    * Why is there so little material on what makes a good service? Sure, there is lots of discussion about loose coupling, coarse-grained, and such. But there are precious few examples of actual services and how they embody those characteristics. Talk swirls around ESBs, governance, “web services aren’t SOA”, etc. Where is the focus on services?

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