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I recently posted on being an internal service provider. I’m happy to say that courtesy of Jason Bloomberg and Ron Schmelzer at ZapThink, you can now hear a lot more of my thoughts on the subject. Last week, we recorded a podcast entitled Taking a Product Management Approach to Services. You can hear quite a bit about the concept of product management that we practice at my day job, and how that experience is providing benefits as we embrace SOA.

I’d like to thank Jason and Ron for the opportunity, it was an enjoyable experience. James McGovern is always asking enterprise architects to blog, speak at conferences, etc., and I’d like to second that call. I don’t know if the ZapThink guys plan on making a series out of this, but personally, I’d love to see it- not just with me, but with a number of practicing enterprise architects.

The podcast-based interview provides an excellent forum for discussion and an opportunity to share knowledge with peers in a format that is far more convenient (and, as Jason & Ron point out, vendor free) than the typical industry conference. I have a long history with the ZapForums, beginning when they were done in a live format. Any of you who followed them know me as the regular listener who always had a question for the presenter. When they switched to a podcast format to reach a broader audience, Jason and Ron were kind enough to offer an opportunity to record one, and my employer was kind enough to give me permission to do so.

Please give the podcast a listen, and don’t hesitate to drop me a comment here or send me an email if you have further questions!

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