Gartner AADI: World Class Governance

Susan Landry and Matt Hotle are giving this presentation.

Matt had a couple good quotes in the introduction:

  • Governance is a framework that allows management to be successful.
  • Governance is the set of processes that allow us to safely move from the past to the present and into the future.

Susan just covered a key topic, which was to perform stakeholder analysis. Each stakeholder has their own interests, political agendas, etc. I can agree with this. I define governance as the people, policies, and processes an organization puts in place to achieve desired behavior. A huge problem will ensue if there isn’t agreement among the stakeholders on what the desired behavior is, so getting them all on the same page and understanding their differences is very important.

The session is now over. One thing I disagreed with a bit was in their definition of governance, they limited it to the policies and processes associated with the efficient allocation of resources. I think this is only one aspect of it. As I called out earlier, it’s about achieving desired behaviors. The efficient allocation of resources is only one contributor to it.

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