Gartner EA: EA and SOA Case Panel

Well that was fun! First off, kudos to Dr. Richard Soley from the SOA Consortium and Nick Gall from Gartner for getting us together and for doing an excellent job of moderating our panel. I really enjoyed the conversation and the answers from my fellow panelists, Bill Conroy, Global EA Executive for Bank of America, and Sam Vetto, Enterprise Architect for The Hartford Insurance Company. We covered a whole range of topics including governance, relationship between BPM and SOA, the relationship between information architecture and SOA, competency centers, funding SOA, and of course, the role of Enterprise Architecture in all of it. The topic of metrics came up frequently, just as with my previous panel. We certainly all agreed that EA has a role in all of this.

I’ve offered to address some of the questions that we didn’t get to in this blog, hopefully I’ll be able to coordinate with Gartner and make it happen. While you’ll only get my answer, one is better than none. If you attended the session, and have now found your way to my blog, please feel free to email me at todd at biske dot com or submit your questions via comments, and I’ll be happy to offer my thoughts. Also, I believe that this session will be available as a podcast in the future, so keep an eye out for it. I’ll be sure to link to it from here.

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  • Todd – is “reuse” of a business service considered a valuable metric? How does governance influence the “reusability metric”? Did this come up during this SOA panel?

    Specifically, I am wondering if service governance has any bearing in terms of not only promoting the usage of a service but also in ensuring that the enhancement of a service is in keeping with the enterprise-worthiness of the service. Often times it is the evolution of the service where cross-domain applicability is sacrificed.

    Also, is there a trend in the industry in terms of promoting business service usage via the use of a “rewards program” or in tying it to compensation packages? Have some industries reached a level of maturity in terms of service reuse especially in those industry verticals that are hit with global competition forcing them to reduce overall operations costs and/or to offer novel product offerings?

    Your insight into the matter is much appreciated.
    Surekha –

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