Gartner AADI: Information Architecture and BPM

I attended a session from Michael Blechar titled “The Yin & Yang of Processes and Data: Which Will Be King of the Next Generation Applications?” A big title, and as a result, Michael covered a lot of topics. While there wasn’t any new information for me, I would say that this was one of the better big picture overview presented at the conference. Some of the topics he hit on:

  • The challenge of multiple metadata systems, and how some of the vendors are approaching it, in particular IBM. He specifically touched on CMDBs (Configuration Management Database), Service Registry/Repository, Software Development Assets, Database Metadata Management, and more. IBM’s approach is to provide a collection of metadata services that reside above all of this systems, providing a federation layer. Hmmm…. this sounds vaguely familiar, I think I called it Master Metadata Management and spoke more on it here.
  • The challenges in determining when to use them versus pushing the logic up into a service layer. It discussed the importance of service ownership.
  • The importance of information modeling and its importance in SOA.
  • The importance of service ownership/stewardship.
  • The importance of enterprise architecture operating as a team, and not having silos of business architecture, technology architecture, and information architecture that don’t talk to each other.
  • Overall, this was probably a good session for many people and hopefully helped them see a bit more of forest for the trees.

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