Gift idea: Neuros MPEG 4 Recorder

It’s holiday shopping season, so I thought I would give some kudos to a product I picked up earlier this year, the Neuros MPEG 4 recorder. It’s a small device that accepts composite video (sorry, no hi def) via the included cable and encodes it to a MPEG-4 file on a CF or SD card. I then simply drag it into iTunes for playback on my iPhone or iPod. While I was initially using it for video on plane trips, now I use it for video while I churn away on the elliptical machine in the fitness center. My DVR doesn’t allow access to the files, so this fills the gap. I considered getting an EyeTV, but in my house, the satellite DVRs are the “master video source.” The only glitch I had is that UltraII CF cards don’t work well. Once I switched to a Kingston CF card, it has worked like a charm. Check it out at Amazon or at Neuros Technology.

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