Thanks, Greg!

Who says blogging doesn’t pay? In my mail this weekend was a package from none other than Greg, of Greg the Architect fame containing a t-shirt (thankfully in adult sizes and not in action figure sizes) and a letter about his upcoming exploits. Greg is looking to leverage “Social Networking” (as he put it) in the development of future episodes and is looking for the help of the blogosphere. In his exploits to achieve SOA success, he’s dealt with vendors, trade shows, and industry analysts. What new topics would you like to see Greg take on? So far, REST hasn’t come into the mix, nor have we seen much exposure of the internal workings of Greg’s company (does it have a name?). I encourage you to go to Greg’s website and share you ideas. He was very explicit in his letter that credit will be given appropriately!

2 Responses to “Thanks, Greg!”

  • Rob Eamon:

    “… Greg’s company (does it have a name?).”


  • bex:

    hey, where’s MY swag??? I boosted GTA on my blog too…

    Also, there doesn’t seem to be a “contact us” link on the site. Where should we send our ideas?

    I find myself using the phrase “mystic grid” more and more often…

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