Book Review

I had the opportunity to do a review of a book, and then discuss it in a podcast with the author and Dana Gardner. The book is entitled, “Succeeding with SOA: Realizing Business Value Through Total Architecture” and is written by Dr. Paul Brown of TIBCO Software.

You can view a transcript here, listen to the podcast here, or I’ve also added it as an enclosure on this entry.

I enjoyed this book quite a bit, and have to point out that it’s not your typical technology-focused SOA book. It presents many of the cultural and organization aspects behind SOA, and does a pretty good job. It tries to offer guidance that works within the typical project-based structures of many IT organizations. While I personally would like to see some of these project-based cultures broken down, this book offers practical advice that can be used today and eventually lead to the cultural changes necessary. Overall, I recommend the book. I found myself thinking, “Boy, if I were writing a book on SOA, these are things that I’d want to cover.” Give the podcast a listen, and check out the book if you’re interested.

Full disclosure: Outside of receiving a copy of the book to review, I did not receive any payment or other compensation for doing the review or participating in the podcast.

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