External Events in Action

I received a press release in email from Xignite entitled “Partnership Delivers Financial Professionals Responsiveness, Collaboration Via Timely Earnings Data.” In this release Xignite announced their partnership with Wall Street Horizon, a provider of earnings event and calendar information to the investment industry. Xignite will redistribute Horizon’s earnings and events calendar content as part of its street-event driven series on-demand financial web service.

While I normally don’t try to be a recycler of press releases from vendors, as I’d much rather comment on things more directly associated with work as a practicing architect, I’d be very happy to see more and more of these types of releases. Why? In the past, I’ve talked about the importance of events, such as this post. One of the challenges, however, is that I don’t really feel that there are good sources of events, especially ones that come in from outside of the enterprise (although there are times that I think that outside sources are more likely that internal sources…). Here’s a press release that shows that external sources are appearing and through partnerships, trying to increase their audience. It would be great if some of the industry consortiums for specific verticals would develop some standards in the event space.

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