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In his daily links post for the 21st, James McGovern made mention of SOA India 2007 and suggested that they should have gotten me as a speaker. For the record, I was invited to speak at SOA India, but I had one major reason to decline. The conference is over Thanksgiving here in the USA. More so than any other holiday, families get together for Thanksgiving and mine is no exception. I certainly appreciated the invitation, however.

On a slightly related note, in the future these conferences should look to technology to bring in speakers. Flying is expensive, and there aren’t too many conferences that are willing to pay all of the expenses of their speakers. I would have no issue, however, with doing a video conference. While it’s not quite the same as seeing the actual person there, it’s got to be better than not getting speakers at all due to the travel involved.

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  • The organizers did try to move the event because of the US Speakers’ Thanksgiving conflict, but it just didn’t work out. I also had to decline.

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