Open Group EA 2007: Joe Hill

Joe Hill from EDS is on the stage now. The title of his talk is on SOA and Outsourcing, although it’s far more broad than just an outsourcing discussion. It would be nice to have a copy of his slides, as he had some really good ways of visualizing SOA adoption along a timeline and the differences on how it should be approached. For example, using a chart reminiscent of Clayton Christensen’s “The Innovator’s Solution”, he showed that at the early phases where we have “performance undersupply,” the typical solution may need to be more tightly coupled, fewer vendors, and more use of proprietary techniques. The discussion around SOA is typically on the right hand side of the chart, emphasizing loose coupling, multiple vendors, open standards, etc. The problem that I felt Joe was emphasizing was that you need to recognize where you are and apply the right techniques at the right time, rather than on focusing too heavily on the end state on the right hand side of the diagram.

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