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While I’m on the subjects of podcasts, another good listen was this presentation from Tim Brown, CEO of Ideo, on Innovation Through Design Thinking which was presented at the AdaptivePath conference. One of the great comments he made was how innovators take in everything from the environment around them to get new ideas. This hit home, because that’s one of the ways I go about writing this blog. I simply take in all the information around me, and sometimes things click. A great example of this was my blog on the power of feedback loop which came to mind after watching a video on a cow-powered dairy farm. If you consider yourself an innovative thinker, give it a listen.

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  • […] As another example of innovative thinking and how we should look “outside the box”, take the recent entry by Vinnie Mirchandani entitled “People! More Government is Not Good!” While by the title you might think it is a political commentary (which it partially is), it begins with a discussion on compliance IT. Vinnie further uses real world examples of government activities versus activities in the private sector, such as Wal-Mart’s response to Hurricane Katrina as quoted from Fortune: That was Hurricane Katrina, when government at nearly every level looked utterly incompetent while businesses became the heroes. FedEx delivered 440 tons of relief supplies, mostly at no charge. Wal-Mart meteorologists informed managers that Katrina was headed for New Orleans more than 12 hours before the National Weather Service told the public; the company later hauled millions of dollars of supplies into the worst-hit areas days before FEMA showed up. […]

  • One interesting comment on Innovation. I read somewhere the other day that Nintendo Wii sold more that Xbox and Play Station combined for the past few months. If this is true, it is a true case study of where Innovation always beats technology – something that all of us, especially the architects need to keep in mind.

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