Dave Chappell goes to Oracle

Just received an email that David Chappell, author of the ESB book and formerly with Progress/Sonic, has been named Vice President and Chief Technologist for SOA for Oracle. Dave had been pretty quiet over the past 12-18 months, pretty much from the time when Progress acquired Actional. I was curious how things would pan out having both Dan Foody of Actional and David setting strategy in a space that had some overlap, as existed between some of the features of Actional SOAPStation and the Sonic ESB. All of that may have had absolutely nothing to do with David’s decision to go to Oracle and we’ll probably never know. In any case, I met David at the InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum in March of 2006, and have enjoyed what’s he’s had to say. I’m sure he’ll be successful in his efforts at Oracle.

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