Teaming Up for SOA

I recently “teamed up” with Phil Windley. He interviewed me for his latest InfoWorld article on SOA Governance which is now available online, and is in the March 5th print issue. Give it a read and let me know what you think. I think Phil did a great job in articulating a lot of the governance challenges that organizations run into. Of the areas where I was quoted, the one that I think is a significant culture change is the funding challenge. It’s not just about getting funding for shared services which is a challenge on its own. It’s also a challenge of changing the way that organizations make decisions to include architectural elements in the decision. Many organizations that I have dealt with all tend to be schedule driven. That is, the least flexible element of the project is schedule. Conversely, the thing that always gives is scope. Unfortunately, it’s not usually visible scope, it’s usually the difference in taking the quickest path (tactical) versus the best path (strategic). If you’re one of many organizations trying to do grass roots SOA, this type of IT governance makes life very difficult as the culture rewards schedule success, not architectural success. It’s a big culture shift. Does your Chief Architect have a seat at the IT Governance table?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the article. Feel free to post your questions here, and I’d be happy to followup.

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