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Pekingese are very lovable, not bad tempered like many people have been led to believe. Pekingese are always eager to please their owners, but suspicious of strangers. The pekingese is also known as the 'Lion Dog', with their full mane, and pear shaped body they do resemble the king of the jungle. It is often said, should the peke meet his namesake, the lion, he may be undaunted, he has no fear of animals many times his size (something peke owners need to be aware of when you run into someone walking a rottweiler).

Pekingese make great watchdogs, as they bark at any unusual noise.
They do not bark, however, just for the sake of barking. Pekes love to romp and play, take long walks, or just sit quietly by your side for hours. They make wonderful apartment dog, as they do not require a lot of space for exercise. Pekes love all the attention they can get, although they are very happy sharing affection with other pekes.

One downside to the breed is that in general, small dogs (pekes included) are not as good with children. If you have a toddler around, you need to be very careful for both the child's sake and the peke's. They should not be left unsupervised together. Some people have never had any problems, others have had nothing but problems. The most important thing is that the peke and the children should not be left alone together without adult supervision until the children are old enough to understand how to approach, pet, and play with the dog.

Pekingese are hardy little dogs, with the stamina much greater than their size. Most pekes have very clean habits, and love getting groomed. Most are unhappy if their coats get dirty.

Pekes love to show off, standing up as tall as they can, stretching their paws upwards towards you, and speaking for your attention. They use their paws in play a great deal like kittens.

Pekes walk with a side-to-side rolling gait, trying to distribute their weight evenly on its short legs. They are very fun to watch run or walk towards you. They are extremely beautiful runners, with their long hair, waving in the wind. Pekingese are usually very devoted mothers.

Thanks to Steve Reed for compiling much of this information.

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