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Last updated: September 11 , 1999

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Thanks for stopping my pages on the pekingese breed of dog. I hope you've found these pages useful and that you'll come visit again. If you have a question about pekes, please use the Question and Answer Board to post the question. I read the board almost every day, and will post my answers there. Most questions I get in email have been asked by many other people, and the Q&A board is intended to address these types of questions. Furthermore, I am only a pekingese owner, not a breeder or veterinarian, so I'm not qualified to answer many of your questions. These pages have frequent visits from breeders and the occasional vet, however, and they will answer questions on the Question and Answer Board. I suggest posting the question and checking back every other day or so. If I see a question going unanswered, I will get in touch with some of my breeder friends to see about getting an answer.

Now, if you have a general comment or suggestion for these pages, my personal email is the route to go. I try to respond to all messages, but can't always do so, so please know that I appreciate all comments. You can send these comments to me

If you prefer to leave comments that others can read, you can do so by going to my guestbook for my personal pages at

Thanks again for stopping by!

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