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Last updated: August 8, 2007


Recommended Vets


Here are links to pages containing breeders in various states and countries. If you are interested in being included on this list, or have new information, submit your kennel information using this form.

All of the U.S. and Canadian breeder pages have been updated to denote breeders who have signed the Pekingese Club of America code of ethics. They have a (PCA) after the kennel name. As I have to update this manually, I can not guarantee that my denotations of PCA are complete. For the most up to date list of breeder referrals from the PCA, visit:

Breeders with no designation after their name does not indicate about their membership in the PCA, etc. It merely means they did not appear on the PCA list last I checked, and I encourage you to thoroughly check out the breeder before making a decision to buy from them. This is a good procedure to follow whether the breeder is marked PCA or not.

United States (41 of 50 states covered!)

Alabama Arizona Arkansas
California Connecticut Delaware
Florida Georgia Hawaii
Idaho Illinois Indiana
Iowa Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana Massachussettes Michigan
Minnesota Missouri Montana
Nevada New Jersey New York
North Carolina North Dakota Oklahoma
Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania
Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota
Tennessee Texas Utah
Vermont Virginia Washington
West Virginia Wisconsin  


Alberta British Columbia Manitoba
Newfoundland Nova Scotia Ontario
Quebec Saskatchewan  

Other Foreign Countries

Argentina Australia Brazil
Denmark Finland Germany
Holland Malaysia New Zealand
Singapore South Africa Sweden
United Kingdom Thailand  

Disclaimer: I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the listings herein. There may be people on this list who no longer breed, or in a few cases, no longer breathe! The information here only gets updated when users like you let me know of changes. If you find some information that is inaccurate, whether it's an incorrect phone number or area code, or find someone listed who no longer breeders, please let me know by email and I will correct the information as soon as possible. Also, I make no claims as to the reputability of the breeders listed here. If you have evidence that any breeder on this list is, in fact, a puppy mill, please contact me via email and they will be promptly removed. In no way, do I support the activities of puppy mills; I am wholeheartedly against them.

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