Gartner AADI: State of SOA

Presenter: Daniel Sholler

Dan is largely presenting results from some surveys that Gartner has done. Highlights:

  1. Adoption is increasing, but so is number of organizations that are choosing to delay/do nothing
  2. Nearly all organizations are at maturity level 1
  3. Of the very few organizations that are above level 1, interest/usage in WOA/REST is increasing
  4. More mature organizations are using services for B2B and multi-channel applications
  5. Only 1/3 of organizations adopting SOA are using an ESB
  6. Stage 2 maturity companies have nearly double the number of service consumers for the same number of services as Stage 1 maturity companies
  7. “BPM is the ‘killer app’ for SOA”

My thoughts: Nothing really surprising here. I’m not at all surprised that we’re at a very early stage of maturity. The statement that the more mature organizations are pursuing B2B and multi-channel opportunities is an aberration, in my opinion. I think those are simply opportunities that some organizations have and other don’t, rather than being tied to the maturity of the organization. The bullet point that more mature organizations have twice the number of consumers was interesting to me. That one seems to make sense from a maturity standpoint. The BPM comment isn’t surprising at all, because I don’t think you can do a good job with BPM without having services.

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