More Kudos to the Apple Store

Back in December, I posted some kudos to my local Apple Store at West County Mall in Des Peres, MO. Back then, during the week before Christmas, they replaced one of the fans in my MacBook Pro in about two hours, when I was expecting to be without for a week. This fan issue was a known problem with the first generation of MacBook Pro’s with the Intel chips. Anyway, the other fan in it started rattling away recently (thankfully while it was still under warranty), and I took it in this past Saturday at 5:40pm. They told me it would be about 5 days. I let them know that I use it for work and would be traveling on Tuesday morning, so if there was anything they could do to get it done by then, that would be great (I have an older Powerbook that I was prepared to use). Well, at about 10:40am on Sunday morning, the call came in that everything was fixed. Once again, whether it’s a case of extremely conservative estimation or someone going over and above to get it fixed, I’m a happy customer. My MacBook Pro is quiet as a whisper again and I’m thankful to the techs at the store. I talked with a few of the guys there, next time I need to remember to get their names to publicly thank them.

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