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Posted by Donna M. Caponigro on March 10, 1998 at 07:54:51:

I recently bought a peke puppy - he's so cute - only 3-months old. I had to take him to the vet because his nose was running - he was blowing bubbles out of his nose!! And his eyes were/are always wet. The vet took a culture and said he had a staph infection and prescribed antibiotics - He's finished with his medicine but I still still the nose run and the fur around his eyes are very wet. I plan to call the Vet again because she said if it does not go away to contact her. Did anyone out there experience this problem - Also I have another question while I have your attention:

I work all day and put my little Peke in his crate - my neighbor comes over and takes him out - plays with him for a while and then returns him to his crate - I get in around 6p - take him out/feed him/play with him and unfortunately I put him back in around 9p. He is so fiesty at night - he's an angel on the weekends but I feel so bad during the week - he's in the crate longer than his out!!! I called my neighbor this am and said - let's do this - come down around 3p and take him out - then leave him out of his crate until I get home. He has the kitchen area - I put boards up - so he cannot go anywhere else - the kitchen is pretty big. The problem I foresee is "wee" on the kitchen floor. Although he goes outside - and when he's in his crate he holds it in - but I noticed that if I take my eyes off of him - he will "wee" in the kitchen. Would it be okay to take his water up - or should he have fresh water all the time. His personality changes during the week - he's like mad at me or something and I feel so bad because I have to work - but I get up at 5:30a - spend as much time with him - take him out twice before I leave at 7:30a - can this crate make him crazy?

Thanks for your help! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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