Punkie the Pekingese

The Holiday "Tails" of Punkie the Pekingese

Hooray, hooray! Punkie the Pekingese is back, and so are his friends: Max, the Labrador Retriever; Snoopy, the mixed breed dog; and Inga, the poodle. Enjoy these friends and new ones in this all new collection of stories. This book is 80 pages long, with 40 full page illustrations.

The Holiday "Tails" of Punkie the Pekingese follows the same format as the previous book, The "Tails" of Punkie the Pekingese. This new book contains Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and back to the beach stories. They are fun to read at any time of the year, as well as during the special holidays. There is a moral to every story and plenty of illustrations of Punkie and his friends.

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The "Tails" of Punkie the Pekingese

Nominated for the Library of Virginia Literary Award for Fiction

The "Tails" of Punkie the Pekingese is a collection of six adventurous stories featuring Punkie and his friends. In fact, two of his friends, Snoopy, a mixed breed dog, and Inga, a poodle, are actually owned by two of the author's friends.

This book makes a wonderful gift for a child or even a collectible for pekingese fanciers. It is suitable for children from around 4 to 10 years of age as well as adult "children". It contains 24 illustrations.

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About the series and Joan Becker Cope

"The Animals Know It's Christmas" was the first Punkie book and was a limited edition with only a small number of books printed back in 1997. It is included in 'The Holiday "Tails"' in its entirety with six original illustrations plus eleven new ones.

Joan Becker Cope, the author and illustrator, continues to be inspired by her Pekingese, Pudge and Muff, who are in heaven, and by Tricki Wu and Qiu Qiu (pronounced Cho Cho) Tung. In fact, Qiu Qiu came into the author's life about a year after the previous Punkie book was published. Joan has also painted seascapes and has sold them out of a gallery in Nags Head, North Carolina and in Key West, Florida.

The author is always coming up with ideas for more stories about Punkie and will continue on with the series. If you wish to contact her about her books you may email her at punkpeke@atel.net or write her at Palm Tree Publishing, 3316 Keichtee Drive, Richmond, VA 23225.

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