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The Ira Stein Trio has released a new live recording entitled "Bach Improvisations". Order yours today! Look for sound clips on this web site soon, or listen to them today at the Official Ira Stein Trio web site at IUMA.

The Ira Stein Trio is a three-man group made up of Ira Stein on piano, Joseph Hebert on cello, and Dann Zinn on soprano saxophone. Their music is self-described as "Chamber Jazz" which is exciting, buoyant, and highly lyrical music in the unique instrumental format of piano, cello, and saxophone -- where jazz meets classical. This is clearly evident in some of their latest pieces including an arrangment of Bach chorale number 53. Track listings for their two CD's, Spur of the Moment and Carousel (released by
Narada Music) can be found here!

The Washington Post said the Ira Stein Trio "whisks you up to soar over mountains and holds you down to tickle you." Their music is truly unique and is becoming very popular as evidenced by their faithful fans from Pleasanton, California (where Ira and Joseph play at a local church) who follow them faithfully to all of their concert appearances throughout the Bay Area. They frequently appear at Yoshi's in Oakland.

Outside of the Ira Stein Trio albums, Ira has also released several albums and appeared on several collections. These include three albums with Russel Walder on the Windham Hill label: Transit, Elements, and Under the Eye.

Ira's CD's can be purchased online through the Borders Bookstore website. Get a list of the albums that are available and pricing information by hitting this button!

Sound Clips from using Real Audio

Album: Spur of the Moment
Sound Clips:

  1. Way Back When
  2. Fiddletown
  3. Footsteps
  4. Tributaries
  5. Continuum II
  6. La Source
  7. Spur Of The Moment
  8. Winter Wind
  9. Pinnacles
  10. Horseshoe Hill
  11. Dominique

Album: Carousel
Sound Clips:

  1. Briarcombe
  2. High Country
  3. Continuum
  4. Who's To Say
  5. Carousel
  6. Another Country (Another Soul)
  7. Open Door, An
  8. Place Without Words, A
  9. Sevilla
  10. Jonathan's Lullaby

Album: Elements
Sound Clips:

  1. Elements
  2. Minou's Waltz
  3. Epic, The
  4. Rice Fields
  5. Eden
  6. Caravan

Album: Transit
Sound Clips:

  1. Underground, The
  2. Engravings
  3. Marseille
  4. Foreign Correspondence
  5. Transit

Album: Under the Eye
Sound Clips:

  1. Under The Eye
  2. Neutral Angel
  3. Well, The
  4. Signal
  5. First Light
  6. Gratitude
  7. Laika
  8. Flying Into Red Square
  9. Quickening, The

Track listings


High Country
Who's to Say
Another Country
An Open Door
A Place Without Words
Jonathan's Lullaby

Spur of the Moment

Way Back When
Continuum II
La Source
Spur of the Moment
Winter Wind
Horseshoe Hill

Ira Stein

Joseph Hebert

No photo available

Dann Zinn

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